Technical committee for standardization 
«Cryptography and security mechanisms» (TC 26)

RFC 7801 and RFC 7836 describe russian cryptographic algorithms

IETF has published RFC 7801 that contains the descriptions and test examples of the Kuznyechik block cipher, which is included in the National Standard GOST R 34.12-2015 on Block Ciphers along with the Magma cipher. This document can be helpful in discussions of Russian cryptographic solutions with foreign experts. Besides, it can be useful for Russian experts who participate in the ISO and IETF working groups. 

IETF has also published RFC 7836 which is the result of several years of work supervised by ТC 26 experts. The document contains comprehensive specifications of algorithms based on new Russian standards of hashing and digital signing (such algorithms will be mandatory starting from January 1, 2019) for the implementation of cryptographic protocols: HMAC algorithms, key trees, pseudorandom functions, key derivation functions, parameters of elliptic curves for twisted Edwards forms and short Weierstrass forms.